How to Get Microsoft Office Free Trial on Windows?

Microsoft Accounts are the present cycle of the tech mammoth's single sign-in benefit. Earlier known as .NET Passport, Microsoft Passport, Windows Live ID, and Microsoft Passport Network, the administration was rebranded as Microsoft Accounts in 2012 to agree with the arrival of Windows 8. It permits clients who have an account to sign into an extensive variety of devices, services, and applications utilizing one single account – yet its most noteworthy quality come when it's utilized in connection with Windows.

But, would it be a good idea for you to really utilize one with its flagship operating system? And what are the various benefits that come from having one such account? Well, let’s have a look at the pros and the cons. The only legal way to get Word for “free” is to download the free trial. Click here to know How to activate Microsoft word free trial. Get a free trial and you'll have access to the latest AI-powered apps, 1 TB of cloud, The trial includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other apps.

The pros

  • The settings get synced across all your devices- buying a new computer or laptop and then making all the settings as well as customizations according to you may really take hours, days and in fact, even weeks. As operating systems are getting more complex each day, you cannot actually personalize things every time you get on a new device. However, logging into windows with your own account may possibly solve out this issue. If you go on a tablet, or phone and then log in you will get the same customizations as what you adjusted in your system.
  • Cortana is there to help you out- Cortana is the exact rival to Apple's Siri and Google now. This being your intelligent personal assistant solves out all your problems within minutes. It is designed in a way to do everything, right from helping you in figuring out the files, to telling you the most important news and a fun-filled joke as well. And to use Cortana, you need to have your account set up on windows because it learns about you as well as about your personal activities and responds at its best.

The con

  • Privacy and security issues- there is this one con, which usually pops up when people talk about having an account on windows, and it is of privacy and security. The platform has come under limelight and scrutiny. When you sign in the account, all your details are stored like the date and time of sign in, your IP address, your sign-in name and a lot more. This creates an issue amongst people as they start doubting upon whether their details are safe or not. Using this account can even give way to hackers as they can get the complete access to your services as well as the apps, just by knowing your password. So in case you have unknowingly left yourself logged in, you will get various issues and someone else using the system might get into your work.

So these were the major pros as well as cons, which come up with account setting on Microsoft. Although it’s a completely subjective choice whether you wish to get an account made or not. Just make sure you always log out if you are using someone else’s system to stay safe!

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